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Woodgrain Lumber is the newest division of Woodgrain, focused on the log procurement and harvesting of timber. Woodgrain Lumber has access to premium logs from multiple US National Forests, the Idaho Department of Lands, and our own private holdings. We provide quality lumber to Woodgrain’s own neighboring millwork plants along with a number of partners. With three locations throughout Eastern Oregon and Western Idaho, as well the recent addition of sawmills in Virginia and North Carolina, we have the capacity to service almost any lumber needs.


Douglas Fir

Douglas Fir is often the standard against which all other framing species are measured. Its strength combined with a superior strength-to-weight ratio, high specific gravity (for excellent nail and metal truss plate-holding capability), excellent dimensional stability (giving “green” DF products the ability to season well in service), the moderate decay resistance of its heartwood, and documented excellent performance record against strong forces resulting from winds, storms and earthquakes, have given Douglas Fir its reputation. It is also tight knotted and close grained, adding the bonus of beauty to its structural capabilities. Color, grain pattern, knott size and type are addressed in the rules for appearance grades.

Douglas Fir is the major species produced in the West, with more volume shipped than any other species, and its sterling performance history is recognized the world over. It is abundant and widely available in second and third-growth stands yielding products in multiple grade classifications: dimension and other framing products, engineered structural products such as MSR, finger-jointed, and glue-laminated products, high (clear) to low (economy) grade appearance products, and industrial and specialty grades. DF doors, manufactured from products in the Factory & Shop grade classification, are renowned for their beauty and performance.

Douglas Fir’s light rosy color is set off by its remarkably straight and handsome grain pattern. Sapwood is white to pale yellow; heartwood is russet with high contrast between the springwood and summerwood

Douglas Fir:

Size: 2 inch dimension 2×4 through 2×12 – Lengths 6’-16’

Grade:2 Dimension, STD&BTR, #2, Utility, #3, Economy

White Fir

With strength properties slightly below Douglas Fir-Larch, this is an extremely versatile species group and useful for multiple, general-purpose framing applications. In the structural framing grades, Hem-Fir is capable of meeting the span requirements of many installations.

Hem-Fir is often considered by those seeking wood with a very light color as the most desirable of the Western softwoods. It is as light or lighter in color than some of the Western pines but stronger. Products are available in structural, appearance and remanufacturing grades. It is easily pressure treated with preservatives, making it useful for decks and other outdoor amenities.

Hem-Fir products are white to a light straw color, sometimes with a slight lavender cast, especially around the knots and in the transition area between the spring and summer wood’s growth rings. The heartwood is not distinct. Sometimes small, delicate dark grey or black streaks appear in the wood. Hem-Fir is fine-grained and even textured, with a refined appearance. In the clear and nearly clear appearance grades, these products lend formality to wood interiors. Hem-Fir is often specified for high-quality case goods, doors, moulding and millwork.

White Fir:

Size: 2 inch dimension 2×4 through 2×12 – Lengths 6’-16’

Grade:2 Dimension, STD&BTR, #2, Utility, #3, Economy

Ponderosa Pine

Ponderosa Pine is perhaps the most beloved of the Western pines.  Its soft texture and light color distinguish it from the Southern pines; its wood is among the most beautiful of all pines. Sapwood is nearly white to pale yellow; heartwood is light to reddish brown. Clear finishes with UV blockers can help retain its freshly-milled color. It has a pleasant pine scent and is slightly resinous.

Ponderosa Pine is generally recognized as the most versatile wood found in abundance in North America.  Its uses range throughout every phase of light construction. It is extremely valuable to general industry and it is widely used in woodworking for fabricating into architectural woodwork, furniture, and specialty products.

The clear wood is used for sashes, doors, blinds, moulding, paneling, interior woodwork, and built-in cases and cabinets. Low-grade lumber is used for boxes, crates and wood packaging. Knotty Ponderosa pine is also used for interior woodwork.

Ponderosa pine:

Size: 5/4, 6/4, 4/4 boards: 1×4 through 1x12 – Lengths 6-16’

Grade:  2&BTR common, #3 common,#4 common M&B, 2&BTR shop, 3-Shop, P-99, Commons

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Where are your Sawmills located?
What Species of woods do you offer?
What is the actual size of surface lumber?

We have three strategically located sawmills in Emmett, Idaho; Pilot Rock, Oregon; and La Grande, Oregon. These are all located about 150 miles from each other.

We offer Douglas Fir, White Fir and Ponderosa Pine.

Nominal sizes are not the same as actual or net sizes… Softwood lumber is customarily referred to by nominal sizes such as 1×6, 2×4, 4×4 and so on. In these descriptions, the first number represents the thickness; the second number represents the width. It is important to note that what we call a 2×4 or 1×6 is usually a piece of lumber smaller than it’s nominal size.

About Us

Who We Are

Woodgrain has over 65 years of quality products and service. Woodgrain Lumber is the first step in the supply chain to ensure quality and craftsmanship. Take a look behind the scenes on how we harvest, cut and process our lumber.

Forest Management

Forest Management is becoming more and more important this day in age as population growth continues to increase along with dryer summers year after year. Strategic forest harvesting and thinning has become more vital in our day in age. In the past 10 years, we have seen some of the worst forest fires on record. Proper forest care, stewardship, and replantation ensure that we secure a sustainable lumber supply and prevent the destruction of forest from fire, bug kill and overpopulation.

Timber Supply

How we source it:

Did you know harvesting actually benefits our forests? Especially in the dry west, forest fires rage during the summer–destroying the habitat of animals and polluting the air (from coast to coast) with smoke. Thinning forests helps prevent forest fires from burning so quickly firefighters can’t control them.

Where we source it:

We source our timber supply for National forest, state-owned lands, BLM lands and Private lots in Idaho and eastern Oregon. Working hand in hand with our forester to ensure high-quality woods, and sustainable harvesting practices. We work with a number of Idaho and Oregon Pro loggers to ensure harvesting and species of wood.




Woodgrain Lumber uses the same corporate values as a manufacturer and a supplier.

  1. Integrity: Doing the right thing, even when no one is looking. We don’t just clean up our act for annual inspections, we harvest in such a way that healthy habitats can thrive every day.
  2. Servant Leadership: We recognize that our harvesting methods can actually lead our forests into a healthier future, but we never use that as an excuse to take more than we should. We serve our customers, yes, but we are also servants to our environment.
  3. Respect: We choose to respect not only the land but the people who benefit from it. There are many social implications to careless harvesting, but respecting indigenous cultures and those who use nearby water sources allows our impact to be positive at best, minimal at worst.
  4. Exceeding Expectations: Not only do we follow all environmental laws, but we create our own regulations, aiming for a sustainable future in which Woodgrain continues to provide our products decades from now. Environmental standards are treated as a minimum requirement at Woodgrain Lumber.
  5. Continuous Improvement: As in everything, Woodgrain Lumber is always seeking to improve current methods. We look to improve safety, quality, and productivity in that order.


Woodgrain Lumber has invested in state of the art machinery and processes to ensure the quality of our lumber is best in class. Combined with a veteran / very skilled staff helps produce quality lumber. With investments in the latest technology of sawmill equipment for optimal yield on logs which in return offers most cost-effective lumber. 


Meridian Sales Office
2375 S. Cobalt Point Way
Meridian, ID 83642
(208) 365-7799
Emmett Sawmill
500 W Main St
Emmett, ID 83617
(208) 365-7799
La Grande Sawmill
1917 Jackson Ave
La Grande, OR 97850
(541) 962-2000
Pilot Rock Sawmill
600 SW Cedar St
Pilot Rock, OR 97868
(541) 962-2000
Island City - Particleboard Plant
62621 Oregon Highway 82
La Grande, OR 97850
(541) 962-2109
Independence Sawmill
407 Lumber Ln
Independence, VA 24348
(276) 773-3744
Independence (Elkin) Sawmill
350 Elkin Wildlife Road
Elkin, NC 28621
(276) 773-3744
Why Woodgrain Lumber?

Woodgrain Lumber is centrally located in a very unique wood basket, taking advantage of the timber resources throughout Eastern Oregon and Western Idaho.  We have a log deck that is diverse in wood species from Douglas fir, White fir, and Ponderosa Pine. We offer a number of different lumber sizes and grades, along with the mix of products we also offer a number of services.

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